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In this article, four industry experts, representing some of the world’s most innovative and renowned sporting stadiums and venues, share how they are responding to the challenges and pressures wrought by COVID-19.

A key theme that emerged from these insights is that the impact of COVID-19 has not necessarily created new trends within the industry, but accelerated existing ones.

“Fans who are coming to the stadium are going to expect an assurance that while they are on our premises their health, safety and wellbeing are at the forefront of what we do. The use of technology will go a long way in facilitating this.”

– Rey Sumaru, General Manager – IT & Innovation Melbourne Cricket Club.

This insightful resource has been published by one of our partners STWS. The Sports Tech Annual is an industry research publication that brings together the most comprehensive and complete directory of companies in the global sports tech landscape.

Written by: STWS, visit their website here.

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