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HCF Catalyst And XT Ventures Seek Startups To Invest In

We Are Ready to Invest

HCF Catalyst is an established brand in the Australian startup space, having mentored over 80 participants through their industry-leading accelerator program. Many of these have gone on to become well recognised names in the health tech space.

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Building on their commitment to innovation and the development of health tech startups, HCF will be a cornerstone investor in the XT Ventures High Performance Fund I, LP. The Fund managed by XT Ventures Pty Ltd will focus on the intersection between health, wellbeing, fitness and sport.

Through this investment, HCF is seeking to help XT Ventures find innovative ideas that will positively benefit the health and wellbeing of their members and all Australians, in areas such as:

connected devices / equipment indoor / at home fitness VR / AR / MR fitness apps & platforms wearables and trackers smart equipment & apparel digital coaches AI / machine learning coaches middleware / IoT / 5G data & analytics
Both HCF and XT Ventures are immersed in the sector as mentors, thought leaders and participants.

Investment stages

XT Ventures High Performance Fund will target businesses at pre-seed, seed and startup through to early expansion.

Investment rounds

Initial investment of $250k -$1M with the capacity to follow through on multiple rounds.

Your strategic partner

We’re a strong strategic investment partner for Founders, backed by industry experience and a solid sector focus.

Holistic business support

Our value extends beyond financial investment, with support for business structure and founder development as well as customer introductions.



PerxHealth partners with health plans, healthcare systems, and employers to build high-engagement programs that deliver meaningful, sustainable behaviour change for chronic conditions.

Perx was founded in Australia in 2017 and entered HCF Catalyst that year with no revenue or customers. Today they have already helped tens of thousands of patients living with chronic diseases stick with their treatment plans and improve their health outcomes. Perx relocated to the US in 2021 to undertake global expansion on the back of a funding round led by Airtree Ventures.

“The Perx team has solved the hardest problem in digital health, maintaining the attention of the most complex and most vulnerable patients.” Jackie Vullinghs, Partner at AirTree Ventures


Founded by friends and clinicians, Dr. Vijay Paul (CEO Magazine start up exec of the year 2021) and Dr. Nishanth Krishnananthan, Vantari VR has a mission to eliminate medical error by helping doctors, nurses and students practice and perfect life saving procedures.

Vantari is the number 1 medical VR company in Australia and a global leader in VR training for healthcare and was in the 2018 Catalyst program.

Drawing upon gaming as an inspiration the two doctors realised there was much to be learned from video games, in terms of digital design, illustration techniques and creative thought-starters. Epic Games, global gaming giant and publisher of Fortnite, recently gave Vantari a six figure grant to drive further development.

“Something like Vantari is an incredibly important change in the Healthcare sector to improve outcomes.” Shenna Jack CEO, HCF.

Sleepfit Solutions

Sleepfit Solutions are Australia’s most recognised Sleep health and fatigue experts. Founder, Melissa Webster was a Catalyst participant in 2018 and has an extensive history in international corporate consulting. Having dealt with the impact of sleep and fatigue on team productivity and performance, she is passionate about addressing risk and developing proactive management strategies.

HCF wants their members to build better sleep habits and improve their overall wellbeing and partnered with Sleepfit Solutions to deliver their app to members to help identify sleep issues, recommend improvements and give access to personalised tools.

Birth Beat

BirthBeat is an online educational platform intended to offer childbirth education, antenatal classes, and baby and child first aid courses. The company’s platform offers simple, convenient, and fun to watch online birth classes that are delivered by experienced obstetrician endorsed registered midwives.

The company was founded in regional Australia, where travel to antenatal classes is often hours away. Entering Catalyst in 2019, BirthBeat was a telehealth pioneer in Australia and has helped thousands of women bring children into this world feeling prepared, removing fear and giving them the best experience possible.

Edwina Sharrock, Founder and CEO and the company’s driving force is not only a Midwife, a mother and an entrepreneur, she is a leader in Australia’s healthcare system and was awarded an Order of Australia Medal at the 2021 Australia Day Awards for her contribution to the health sector.


Evrima is taking the headache out of finding and recruiting patients for clinical trials. The platform connects researchers, clinicians and patients together to accelerate research and bring new treatments to patients.

A Catalyst alumni in 2019, Evrima is now making a global impact on clinical trial timelines, enabling the industry to advance medical research swiftly so people get access to the therapies they need.

In a world now facing the need to rapidly develop and test new treatments for new diseases, Evrima is playing a critical role in making us all safe.

CEO and Founder Charlotte Bradshaw is now based in Singapore taking Envirma to the world.


CancerAid simply and powerfully empower people and organisations impacted by cancer to thrive.

With more than 20,000 mobile users around the world, CancerAid is the most downloaded and widely used app dedicated to cancer support and management in Australia. The app acts as a digital companion to patients who have been diagnosed, enabling them to read, organise and efficiently store information concerning their diagnosis,treatments and side effects, ultimately helping them to organise their care and communicate more easily with their clinicians.

Founded by oncologist specialists Dr. Nikhil Pooviah and Dr. Raghav Murali-Ganesh and Catalyst participants in 2016, CancerAid now have a global footprint and have many high profile investors supporting their growth.


Informed medical consent is unregulated, unstandardised and is often an overlooked aspect of healthcare practice. Consentic, believe that patients are entitled to adequate time and information to make well-informed, voluntary decisions on their healthcare.

Founder, Dr Rebecca Saunderson knows the busy nature of a clinic and time pressures imposed on doctors. Consentic – intelligent consent, is a complete consent management platform developed for doctors, by doctors. Patients watch a short infographic animation, outlining their procedure, then complete a checklist to assess their understanding and sign an electronic consent form.

Consentic participated in the 2019 Catalyst program and Rebecca has gone on to be recognised with multiple awards and accolades.


Headsafe’s NUROCHEK system is a portable device set to revolutionise the assessment of brain health. A world first device offering on-demand objective assessment, practitioners will have long-term data and baselines to assess brain health including injuries such as concussion and illness including dementia, PTSD, all within two minutes.

Founded by Dr Adrian Cohen, this IoT Healthcare product is changing the landscape when it comes to brain assessment after impact, an important topic for the medical industry, sports industries and the military.

The NUROCHEK headset presents a visual stimulus to the patient while the integrated EEG sensor captures the brain’s response and transmits this data to a smart phone or similar device for analysis.

Nurochek was part of the Catalysts program in 2017, before they had a working prototype. Now with over $5 million in funding and FDA approval, they continue to grow and won the prestigious Good Design Award in Australia in 2021.


uPaged is an enterprise-level solution connecting uPaged is an enterprise-level solution connecting healthcare facilities, nursing agencies and compliant clinicians in a single, fully-integrated ecosystem.

A Catalyst participant in 2020 uPaged provides a direct connection between on-demand nurses and casual work in hospitals.

uPaged focusses on showcasing the unique skill sets of nurses so healthcare facilities can instantly select fully vetted, employment-ready AHPRA-registered nurses, perfectly skill matched to patient needs. Lower fees and higher quality nurses mean they are now the preferred provider for on-demand nurses.

In 2021 uPaged Founder and CEO, Zara Lord, was honoured in Telstra Health’s inaugural Brilliant Women in Digital Health award initiative.


HCF’s first Catalyst program began in 2016 with CSIRO founded startup, Cardihab as a participant.

Cardihab’s scientifically validated Digital Cardiac Rehabilitation solution uses smartphone apps and web portals to give clinicians the ability to deliver more convenient, flexible and engaging cardiac rehabilitation services to patients.

Cardiac rehabilitation participation rates can be boosted by offering Cardihab as an option to patients who need care and in particular for people who do not want to or cannot participate in traditional rehab programs.

Cardihab recently received additional funding from ImpaQT Group to continue to drive growth.